On Wednesday evenings for our Bible Studies (8pm, WFC, Slipe Lane) we are currently using ‘Called to Community’ a video & discussion course from ‘The Work of the People‘:

In the midst of these radical shifts in our society and within Christianity itself, it is clearly time to revisit the question “What is the role of the Church?”

What is the Church’s role in the lives of individuals and families who no longer turn to it as the center of their social and family structure? What is the Church’s role in a world that increasingly sees it as irrelevant or even antithetical to human progress? What is the Church’s role in the lives of the people who continue to return to it as a source of strength, inspiration, solace and connection with God? What is the Church’s role in the lives of the people who have never walked through one of our doors and those who have sworn they never will again?

Our generation’s answer to these questions will have a reverberating impact on the course of human history. Will the Church “die”? What about resurrection? Is there a clear line between the two or are they both happening simultaneously before our eyes?

This curriculum bundle features several of our generation’s wisest souls reflecting on these issues and the larger question of “What is the role of the Church?” Our prayer is that it sparks rich, rewarding and fruitful discussion and reflection for your small group and enables you to move through this time of rapid transition with love and with grace

This is a fascinating time to be alive. Let us give God thanks for the Church that was, the Church that is, and the Church that is becoming.


WHAT IS THE CHURCH?” // Walter Brueggemann “Collision Course” video
A CALL TO JUSTICE // Hannah Terry “Missional Imagination” video
A CALL TO LOVE // Richard Rohr “Two or Three Gathered” video
A CALL TO A KINGDOM WORLDVIEW // NT Wright “Long-Term Restoration Project” video
A CALL TO BE THE BODY OF CHRIST// Malcolm Guite “Flesh & Blood” video
WHAT IS THE CHURCH BECOMING? // Rachel Held Evans “Creating Something New” and Brian Zahnd “Come and Die” videos