Proverbs 14:25 NIV
A truthful witness saves lives, but a false witness is deceitful.

Being honest is highly valued in the Bible because it comes from the character of God; God is trustworthy and truthful, and so we as his people, made in his image and seeking to imitate Christ should also be trustworthy and truthful. Ultimately, if we are less than truthful in our speech, it doesn’t just make us look bad, it reflects badly on our God, presenting a false picture of who he is and what he is like. Actually I find this a great release when it comes to sharing my faith. I’m not asked to share experiences I haven’t had, it doesn’t matter whether or not I have heard God speak everyday or seen mighty miracles, or simply have a growing sense of his presence alongside a bucketful of questions and doubts, all we’re called to be is truthful witnesses, sharing our experiences just as they are. I also think that people will appreciate our honesty and amongst the sound-bites and hyperbole, find it refreshingly realistic and appealing. Perhaps even lifesaving…

May my words today be truthful and life giving for you.