Isaiah 63:9 (MSG)
He didn’t send someone else to help them.
    He did it himself, in person.
Out of his own love and pity
    he redeemed them.
He rescued them and carried them along
    for a long, long time.

You’re in trouble. You pick up the phone to call for help, dialling 999. Moments later the doorbell rings, your call has been answered. Imagine the surprise if when you opened it you found not a police office come to see what the problem is but the Queen! So it is with our God. Seeing us in trouble he doesn’t send a representative from down the line but comes directly through his Son and now the Spirit.

Thank you Lord that although this has been a week of lists, we are not just names or statistics to you, but loved and valued. Help me to make my relationship with you not one of many but the centre of all I am and do.